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April DABS Social Live and Learn Networking Event

Joshua Callon

Join us on Thursday 1st April for our DABS online Social Live and Learn Networking event from 5:30pm, with our guest speaker Josh Callon owner of mobile speciality cocktail company The Swordmaker.

DABS Social April 2021

Josh says “With almost 10 years of experience in the hospitality industry I certainly know my way around a drink and totally respect the value of bringing people together, to enjoy themselves, food and of course cocktails!

The Swordmaker, started as a business with one mobile bar when I was around 25, with the view to transform peoples’ domestic spaces, both indoor and out, into fabulous cocktail lounges. The mobile bar was designed and hand made specifically to look the part and work perfectly for a cocktail bartender too!

Shortly after returning from New Zealand following a life changing trip, I decided to push this business as much as I could and I quickly began gaining interest from bar owners and venue managers to write them cocktail menus and train their staff. A consultancy service was born too!

As a student I studied music at Newcastle university and have always been hugely creative and ambitious, yet Covid-19 still provided me with the task of a lifetime. I will be talking about the mental struggles of being a one man start up before the pandemic and how I adapted during Covid-19 to provide a bottled cocktail delivery service with an ecommerce store. Most importantly I will be sharing my positive outlook on a life / business in the post Covid world and how to use what we have learned to solidify the viability of business.

I would advise to any individual, young, old or in between, that starting your own business can be one of the most rewarding things you can do. It will also be the most intense way of learning how to survive in the big bad beautiful world too!

Find out the story behind the name, how many times I get asked about swords and what my favourite cocktail is!”

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