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Business Builder: Being Truly Customer-centric


9th August 2022, 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm

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Alan Dodsworth’s guide to key takeaways from this session:

“Customer is King”

In today’s competitive and digital world, the customer not only is King but also has all the power! Across all touchpoints they require a flawless experience during the whole customer journey.

Commit yourself

Whether it be the research stage, the initial interaction, the purchase or as part of the lasting experience, your commitment to your brand vision and customer service strategy is paramount.

Shape your credibility

Keeping the customer at the centre of your thoughts will help you build your business. It will shape your credibility, your future reputation and ultimately, decide your success or failure.

Will your customer focus lead to customer acquisition and loyalty?

By the end of this Business Builder session, you’ll have reflected on what a truly customer-centric business looks like and how it behaves, and why the successful organisations stand out from the rest!

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