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DABS Launch Accelerator: Finance and Pitching Panel


8th March 2022, 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm

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Finance and Pitching Panel
Tuesday 8th March, 4-6pm

Shaun Fooy of the British Business Bank will be joined by a panel of business advisors looking at the different option for start-up business finance and to explore the best options for everyone. Shaun is happy to field any questions and discuss the different scenarios, explaining the processes, timeframes and the pro’s/cons.

Starting a business of any size in 2022 is hard. Of all the issues facing businesses, the potential impact of climate change is perhaps the biggest in the long term. As the effects become more visible, the days of deciding whether or not to ‘go green’ are long gone; it is now almost universally accepted that we all have a part to play in saving the planet from irreparable damage. New businesses are a key part of doing this, and there are some easy changes you can make as you startup.

As well as the lure of working for yourself, the desire to put your talents towards something you believe in can be hard to resist; but go into business unprepared and you could find yourself quickly lost. This series of workshops and talks take place over several weeks and are designed to take you through the process of developing, launching and overcoming the inevitable hurdles.

These workshops have the potential to revolutionise the way you think about starting a business! Going green has plenty of benefits beyond fulfilling legal and moral responsibilities and the sessions are delivered by guest speakers with experience of working with start-ups in their area of expertise.

Each session is standalone and you may choose to pick the ones you feel are most relevant but you will gain the most from attending as many as you can. The sessions take place on Zoom.

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Additional sessions:

Legal – get it right first time!
Tuesday 15th March, 4-6pm

Paul Armstrong from Hay & Kilner will be on hand to help you craft your approach to protecting and understanding your legal obligations and protecting your intellectual property. With years of experience, Paul will discuss and engage with the cohort using real life examples of how legal planning is still very important and shouldn’t be overlooked.

Pitching & Launch Graduation

Our final session will focus on celebrating our cohort’s graduation from DABS LAUNCH. We will get everyone involved with a 90 second pitch and we can sign post to further support available from the university and the wider business support eco-system.

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