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Disruption by Design


6th July 2021, 9:30 am - 12:30 pm

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Important: This event has now finished. Please check out the events page for more information.

If your business would like to develop new products and services that really go on to disrupt the market then join us for a brand new workshop where we will give you the tools and techniques to really hit the ground running.

Design is something which in business gets undervalued time after time, this workshop will help you to ensure you have tested your ideas as much as possible to ensure when you launch you have covered every possible design scenario.

We will not only focus on the product or service but really delve into the full user experience and how you can continually improve time after time.

The workshop will focus on:

  • Futures – scenarios and planning where to look
  • New product and service development methods
  • Start-ups disrupting by design
  • Practical steps – what to do now

All events are held online using Zoom.

To participate in these workshops you must be eligible for the DABS programme. Please register your application online >

Register for the DABS programme