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Kat Sykes of Stalemate Limited becomes the Start-up Hero!


23rd September 2022, 9:30 am - 4:00 pm


Durham Cricket Ground
The Riverside

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Kat Sykes of Stalemate Limited becomes the Start-up Hero!

When you think of what to do next for your start-up, do you sometimes feel a little unclear, nervous or uncertain? Would you like to feel a bit more clarity, calm and certainty about what actions to take next? The latest DABS Teams workshop addresses those issues.

DABS Teams Event

Kat says “You will use RaceLanes to understand what dragons lie ahead on your journey and what help you can get to slay them. You will then use Lego Serious Play to plan what dragons to focus on first and specific actions to take right now to slay them.”

DABS TEAMS is a fantastic opportunity to network with other DABS participants and to get involved with the peer-to-peer part of the DABS programme. It’s a perfect opportunity to work together, have some fun and develop your business to help grow and scale.

To participate in the these workshops you must be eligible for the DABS programme. Please register using the button below.

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