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Pancakes – A flipping good idea!


I really like pancakes! (But I don’t enjoy making them!) I remember, as a small boy, the anticipation of hot, fresh pancakes, with golden syrup drizzled over them! I was so wedded to the idea of golden syrup as the perfect accompaniment for the simple pancake that I could not conceive of any other topping being possible.

Looking back, I realise how foolish this sounds but at the time it seemed impossible to imagine anything else. Nowadays there are so many options available to the avid
pancake aficionado! Lemon, maple syrup, fresh fruit, whipped cream, I could go on, but I fear the list is it would take up the rest of the page!

I guess what I’m trying to say is that even with a really old idea there are so many ways improvements and changes can be introduced to freshen a product.

If you think about it the same is true with lots of businesses and business ideas. They constantly refresh themselves and think about ways in which they can improve the product. Developing new ideas can run parallel with continuing working on products that have been a company’s core business. FBM Teams have the same opportunities to develop new exciting products whilst thinking of ways they can be made better – or used in different markets.

Will your FBM team be able to see ways in which they could not only come up with a business idea that fits in with the theme for this year’s competition but also to look at ways in which that idea could develop? How might it have uses in other markets and, just like the pancake, be adapted in different ways?

Finally, on Friday I joined North Durham Academy for their weekly team meeting. It was a fantastic session, and it was great to hear firsthand how the team had started to come together and how they had managed the tasks from Challenge One – I hope they found it as useful as I did!

Remember the FBM team can arrange to drop in to your weekly meetings to give direct support, point you in the right direction, and we can even arrange for specialists and Business Partners to join your meeting, have a chat with you and help you with the difficult problems that we all face when we’re developing a new business idea! As they say “shy bairns get nowt”, so remember to ask and we will be delighted to arrange to join your meeting either virtually or in person.

I look forward to seeing you all soon and good luck with the next challenge.

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