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Curated Y Combinator Videos to Help Your Start Up Journey

At Durham Start Ups we’ve curated some great videos to help you get things right, think things through and challenge your new business concept. Learn from those who’ve done it and take on board some of the tips and pitfalls you might face. These videos are from Y Combinator, an amazing accelerator programme that has supported some recognisable start ups such as Airbnb, Dropbox and Stripe.

Michael Siebel – Building Product. Michael provides an insight into developing a tech platform, starting with the problem. He highlights many dilemmas a founder faces at that idea stage and provides some useful tips.


David Rusenko – How To Find Product Market Fit. David, founder of Weebly, discusses how he developed the platform himself, grew the company and then sold it. How to find product market fit is one of the most difficult challenges a founder will face. Listen to his start up journey:


Gustaf Alstromer – How to Get Users and Grow. Gustaf discusses his experience of starting up and why growth is so important at an early stage – so how do you do it? Watch this video to get an insight:


Kirsty Nathoo – Managing Startup Finances. This is a great video from Kirsty Nathoo who shares the most common mistakes startups make with their finances and how you can prevent them. It’s simple to follow if you are looking to develop a high growth business:


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